Good Fighter

I initially posted this to a spin-off account that was gonna be another brand. Sorry for the repost but I'm consolidating everything!

Good Fighter was a learning project I developed during the winter & spring of this year. It's my first real foray into Unity. I wanted to make use of Spine skeletal animation to mix 2D characters in 3D space. I chose to make a platform fighter because I really loved Smash Bros. mechanics, and visual effects. I also didn't want to think about game design.

Once I hit my March deadline, I felt like I got enough out of the project! The world doesn't need another platform fighter right now anyways, so I decided to move on.

Looking back, I'm really happy with the overall look of the game! My current project is solely 2D, but I hope to come back to something like this soon!

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Aug 04, 2018

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